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Jaysson Hot

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I'm a open person, I like challenges, I like everything new
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Arms workout

Jun 11th @ 10:58am EDT

When training arms, here are a few advanced techniques that work especially well:

Constrained Reps: If you have a workout partner, taking 1-2 of your heaviest sets past muscle failure is pretty easy to do with preacher curls. The spotter simply has to provide just enough help to get you over the sticking point. If you're doing one-arm preacher curls, use your free hand to self-spot for a few extra reps.

Rep-and-a-Halves: This technique works well with biceps, but probably toward the end of your workout so you don't compromise your strength right off the bat. Do a full contraction, then release the weight just a few inches and strongly contract the biceps again before lowering to full arm extension. This technique focuses on the peak contraction.

Dropsets: This is really easy to do with cable movements in which changing the weight is fast. Instead of ending your set quickly once you reach muscle failure, reduce the weight by about 25 percent and resume to a second point of muscle failure.

Go for the Pump: Toward the end of your workout when fatigue has set in, do a few short-head sets for higher reps (and cut your rest time in half) to pump the muscle, which brings in fluids, pushes on the muscle fascia that encapsulates the muscle fibers, and stimulates the release of growth hormone. The pump you feel is hard to miss--and good luck taking off that sweaty T-shirt!


Jun 9th @ 7:35pm EDT

Hello guys...and girls. Haven't written in my blog in a few days.

Hope you'll enjoy this post ... just a little thing about doing cardio.

Doing cardio right after weights is way better than doing it before weights. The reason being is that weight lifting doesnt deplete your glycogen stores as bad as it does in cardio workouts depending on how intense you go.

So you still will have some of your glycogen stores left meaning that you can still get an alright cardio session. But for a more effective cardio session right after a workout, I recommend waiting at least 2 hours even more (If you have the time to do this) before doing your cardio.

In between this time it is important you replenish your glycogen stores quickly, and stop protein breakdown as fast as possible. But if you dont have the time it is still alright to do it right after weights. Just be prepared to have a less effective cardio session.

For best results in your cardio training, try to do schedule your sessions separate from your weightlifting program. So if you lift weights 4 times a week, then do running on the other three days that youre not lifting weights.

Just remember try to schedule your cardio session as far away as possible from your leg lifting schedule, because running on super sore tired legs basically sucks. Doing cardio on separate days than weight lifting ensures that you have the proper energy to perform your best in either your cardio or lifting session.

I'll be back in a few days to tell you some more from my bodybuilding experience.
Maybe this helps you to do proper exercises and to want to stay in a good shape,to have a good health.


Jun 3rd @ 6:19pm EDT

Hello guys. Haven't written in my blog in a few days.Hope you didn't miss it too much :))

Today i want to tell you everything about my favorite form of cardio.

Finding a form of cardio that YOU enjoy is key to a long and successful athletic career. I have found a form of cardio that is definitely for me. I do this whenever I have time for a cardio session

Simply put, my favorite form of cardio is sprinting. When I do a sprint session, I can really focus in and push the intensity as much as I can.

The primary reason that I prefer maximum intensity cardio over all other forms of cardio is the feeling of speed! If you can really get into a sprint session, you will see how it can become addicting.

1.Keep Your Elbows In!: For others like myself with a large back musculature, this may not seem completely natural. However, it is possible and just doing this alone can take a bit of focus but you will blow right by your old speeds when you become more aerodynamic because of this!

Pump Those Arms!: Another thing that increases speed is getting momentum from your arms. I am not saying give your shoulders a workout swinging them all over. In fact, you should not bring your hands above shoulder level.

Pump Your Feet!: It is amazing how such a simple thing is so neglected when it comes to sprinting. To move faster, it takes a lot of mind power! Just think about putting one foot down after the other at maximum speed! This really does work. I set the best 40-yard dash times when I stay focused like this.

Weight Training Vs. Cardiovascular:

May 30th @ 7:36am EDT

Which Do You Think Has More Benefits?

This is definitely a matter of opinion. I just got in an argument with my brother before sitting down to type this out. He believes the opposite of me and we both had some good supporting facts. I believe that weight training offers more benefits than cardio. Not to say that cardio has no benefits. It keeps your circulatory system in shape, helps to shred fat, and gives your respiratory system a workout.

I believe that weight training brings more to the table. I have already spoken of the increase in muscle strength achieved from lifting weights. Another benefit to weight training is that through the resistance of the weights, bones are strengthened, reducing chances of breakage, or even worse, osteoporosis. This is good news to older women, who I am seeing more of in the gym, getting out of the cardio area and coming to the weight rack.

Cardiovascular training does help your circulatory system by making your heart beat faster, which helps to get rid of the fatty plaque in your vessels. Weight training can make your heart beat just as fast.

Don't believe me? Ask anyone who goes all out on a set of squats, deadlifts, or any other heavy compound exercise how fast their heart is beating. The only difference is that this heart rate does not last as long as the cardio would. This leads us to another cardiovascular benefit that weight training offers us. This one is brought to us by the pump.

a few words about my fovorite movie

May 20th @ 3:37pm EDT

Hello and welcome here guys.In my second post here i want to write something about my fovorite movie,because i want you to know me better.My favorite movie is Mad Max.First movie is from 1979 and is produced by Byron Kennedy and starring Mel Gibson.James McCausland and liller wrote the screenplay from a story by Miller and Kennedy.The fil grossed substantially at the box office.It held the Guinness record for most profitable film for decades and has been credited for further the first in a series,spawning the swquels Mad Max 2(The Road Warrior in 1981) and Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome in 1985.A fourth installemend Mad Max : Furry starring Tom Hardy as Max was released on May 15 ,2015 to high acclaim.I can t wait to see the last movie,Furry.What is your favorite movie guys?And tell me if you like Mad Max or Mel Gibson.I want to know your opinion because you are important to me.Come on my page tomorrow and let s talk about that movie or another is not a problem and after that we can play togheter if you want of course.Now i will go to take some sleep and after that i have to prepare for work.See you tomorrow guys.Sleep well.Kiss

My first blog entry

May 3rd @ 8:44pm EDT

Hello guys, This is supposed to be my first entry, and I have lack of ideeas atm what to write about. The only things that i have in my mind is about focus on what matters. And what matters the most for me it's my future. What plans I have for my future? Well about that I will write another time, but at least I only can tell you that I ALWAYS take smart decision how to sepnd my time, energy and resources. I feel like i can fill that glass with important actvities and work on projects that I'm passionate about. But I'm still working on becoming an essentialist and eliminate the trivial from my life. It's difficult practice but I know what I decide matters.

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