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Customers rated Shamar 5 out of 5 based on 100 reviews

much more than a body !! INTE- lligent- resting & sexy ;) , I am the player, not the card.
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Do not let the "milk" let it go to your head!

Aug 1st @ 3:10pm EDT

Haha it is a popular saying, but very true, from my humble point of view, I realized through experience as a man, who as the "dust" makes you older, increases your anxiety, and this can lead us to commit many follies, those crazy things that I want you to imagine in applying them to me, no matter how many times you masturbate in the day, if every you do you have a reason, someone who also this wanting him like you, in this case. ï, And there is nothing more delicious to enjoy in the comfort of your home, this was a little reflection I hope you decide to say hello and even register if you do not !! Hugs.

Something that could interesting , a little hot!!

Feb 23rd @ 5:00pm EST

many times would send Everyday , I'll try .I like to talk about those relations , mainly among men , as is my case , of course if you're a woman you could also logging . Relations or rather fantasies because most of the time, like take the limit , which would Finish Pouring my milk , but never the circumstances and company, do not allow us to materialize , that's what your imagination , it's the only place where you can do what you want, Crossing the boundaries do you want, and be happy !!! I 'm not saying ALL Que Que what I speak is imagination. DO NOT. Is Obvious To Tell A Story At Least That you had to have lived .
:) . I have previously said the eyes , looks play a very important role , wing when communicating , if a look could give you away , maybe the eyes say what words never make , you know happens to me often that you get to some place or are in x part and just go walking , and you looked your case, and cross looks impossible gesture some more , and feel something deep inside you, you will increasingly faster , down !, then you give the hand and feel that increasingly larger down, when you Engage them some kind of relationship, or get to achieve what you wanted you realize that this guy also felt the same about you . But maybe not pass anything more than a very hot experience in your mind. One can always let your imagination and get well away , but never try to push the boundaries of the other. Remember that not all fantasies come true . :) I hope , and a giant hug .


Feb 23rd @ 1:40am EST

hello, how are you ?, thanks for reading my blogs! I want to tell you a little , what I did this weekend . When the weekend comes , I have no classes in school, I have more free time to pursue my to begin tell you that I take for sports , jajaj as rare thing , jog with my dog, and do a little bar , bone exercise hanging with my own weight , plus try to eat healthy , also take this time to be with family and share more as I do weekday little. ahaha good story is turning very boring and staff, but more than one may identify with it , :) ,Always try to change the routine, reinvent daily , daring to be different, this weekend I've been a bit overdone energy but I try to channel it in the best way possible, always trying to keep track of everything. Good I am saying goodbye I hope thou findest read my blog, or at least alla awakened interest for you to read the others, I would also like you came to my room and give me ideas of some issues that can tell :) . soon be writing more about food and healthy drinks , I hope , and remember that if you're good inside , you'll be fine out! :)

More healthy lifestyle .. part 2

Feb 17th @ 10:30pm EST

begun by talk a little about my feeding and sport , you know Discovered To be fit simply must prepare from your mind , and sleep well , if you're from the AES characters as well as I , for example , that we are Able to corner Nothing At breakfast , or sometimes no time you have , CAN See the option of some vatido That fulfills the function of Breakfast, CAN Find sOME Synthetic As proteins, or CAN Choose something else Healthy, Made with organic elements , I'm now a one- recommend , That seems excellent and serve para Florist Start the day , while helps eliminate fat one , we could call it " green " . You'll TO GET , celery , lettuce, cucumber , pineapple , kale,Orange or lemon, and everything liquefy and you take it , delicious and cold , you will feel lighter and helps you lose weight while you do something healthy for you , well, there 'll leave a fact, I hope you help on something. Ah also tell you that I like to read a lot, and every day I have a bigger imagination , haha you know what I mean , do not forget to also add that bit of curiosity , without leave to spend the limit , this makes you sexy and interesting, a kiss and hug giant recalls checkear my other blogs , and I hope to talk ,.

Healthy Lifestyle

Feb 17th @ 9:57pm EST

Connected , Studio, Sports , My family is my life. For this, I must lead a life that allows me to resist every day , Most of the week the step between classrooms and here in F4F ,
apart from sleep, and take plenty of fluids , you should give your much love :) hahaha and thus will receive the same, continue ... I am not a supporter of any kind of synthetic support for my body , I prefer natural and healthy food a tip for this and know that we let the sweet excess , sauces and fried to start , also tried to always eat meals necessary for my body, in my case, breakfast, lunch , and dinner for my work I'm always disorder , but treatment to do so as long as my body asks me :) .
I try to play sports , especially cardiovascular , sweat and detoxify my body load , minimum 3 times a week , maybe one or two hours , this can help to increase your fitness and forget your troubles , and organize your day . besides you wear beautiful ! ; )
Well, I 'll write another blog, to complete this , remember to check the above , and watch for my next , pueste 'll have more tips for you : ) , the shamar style!

My toys ! .

Feb 17th @ 9:36pm EST

My toy !, lol is the most fun of all. ! But really talk about toys that I have and we could share , some good , some ceases to surprise . The most common of all is the dildo , I have one, it is of an average size , haha ;, almost never use it but when I do I like it , and enjoy it to the verge of get my load of cum for you, ahaha , very hot! and we can not focus off topic , another toy that I have are anal beads ; They are 12 and come in different sizes, to remove them one by one , that pain excites me ; these are the most common toys and I can offer , of course if you have another idea , share with me if you do not, I can see that surprise :) .
If you look, my last blog was valentines day , and I have many others who have written above, I want you to review , and I also give your comments . I do it for you , listening to what I think about many topics you an idea, and you will be encouraged to include me in your life : P .

Valentines Days!

Feb 12th @ 5:10pm EST

They are all these persons who form a part of your life, there are loves for all kinds, I will classify them under three: My long loves, My Medium loves and My short loves, Based in the time, for my they all are equal of important, all the year round estaran in my heart. The friendship is like a plant, must take a shower every day, or tends to dry off.;), this way we must put it in practice:). The happiness not necesiriamente are material objects, the happiness also they are moments, conversations, smiles, which were staying plazmadas forever in our minds, because of it we try always to remain present in the mind of each one:).
You know!, I like the risky loves, which not temem to speaking and saying what they imagine or want to see, also I like the calm ones, only to talk , both ends. And ah you which you like?. For my important mas is not that you demonstrate your all that really you like me, not. For my important thing it is that both we have a moment of happiness, a mad, risky moment, not you of fear be your same! Ah am a friend confidant:), you made mas wagon, and I wait for you! One I scorch in these days of the lovers.!

Little more things about me :P !

Feb 10th @ 4:54pm EST

First of all, I want to thank you for reading my other blogs, and if even it do not do fact, do it!. This way can to know a bit more, it brings over of my. Not more wagon!. To begin we have a room of chat public, in which we will be able to talk , to know a bit, but have taken care so everything what your speeches, see!, If you want to be a bit comfortable and fantasies make real, rather you want to have ciber, or probably share a moment, only speaking, the perfect place is the nude show.
Also other forms exist to be to alone with me, since they it are: the partychat and the group of chat, have something very clear!!, here you do not cost for your credits, really I return and repeat it, you are your the one who comes loaded from many fantasies with desire of real making them. But you have credits do not matter!! But not act as if you had them, it is not necessary. I tell you without going away to offending that, I do not walk Either seeking for royal meetings, to travel for the world:), but liked to have friends here in my room of the whole world, ok I say goodbye, soon!!

Haha That thinks one while this one connected.

Feb 8th @ 1:52pm EST

Haha and me smile, haha return and me smile ,, think many things, do not manage to tell them in this history, but it is good, so have more for a next occasion. To begin one does he think if one sees nice or ugly? Then if one sees rather fat or thin?, if this one with the suitable, but at the time clothes there are moments that you do not know if it is better these nake or dressed. Haha is a mad thing, all that always is to please you, that these reading.
Often one feels, that this repeating and repeating the same thing, then it changes again and again, but then it falls in account, that everything does part of this time that is turning report of your life, which you stop here, online; often when you do not have credits and for one this one down, one gets bored and wants to go away, so only this one to an alone click of doing it, and to be going to sleep and see tv, but the love for the work and enterteining moments, which we could share that despues, we will give ourselves the mutual reward, mmm good I feel that I am spreading very much in my history, order you a greeting and hope that you dare to speak to me;),


Feb 8th @ 11:35am EST

wake up every day and you do not need to touch, to feel that, you want to exploit, it happens to the men often. It is one of my fetishes, me exita to feel my bundle, imagine that it causes me when I think that as sera yours.:P. The bundle bony does it that one sees above, of your boxer, or your clothes of dressing, in some see mas big that in others, the truth is that it is deceptive, that you say to me your?. iliked that you were taking time to read my previous blogs, and to look at the progress, writing; I think that it is a complement, which sera complete when you enter my chat, and let's speak, of what you want, already you know, all that allows to know little mas and to spend the moment, for that there is no the well-read one, since I like to count brings over of when I am going to the mountain to play sports, and I they like to share many other things, good I wait for you.
Since you can realize, my first blogs the escribi for all in general, but me gustaria that you were registering and doing part of my friends, for if to be able to remember yourself, my next blogs seran alone for registered users, I hope that you do it!!

Daily. :P

Feb 3rd @ 5:50pm EST

Awakening, to give him thanks to of sky!!, every day, and new goals to appear, I do it daily. Haha very romantic? But it is royal. In this Blog of today, I want to be little thrown mas, today desperte mas loaded with energy that many days, it is obvious in my article. Haha already podras to imagine it. I am not accustomed to vote for my energy. I went to the shower and refresh myself a bit. Hummm I went away to classes, I am charmed with being going to study, because I get up-to-date and also I enjoy, much me likes to imagine my other companions, when I look at his knobs, and often a few mas big see that different, also I like to see as other boys observe and try me to observe yourself; it is well exitante to go to the bath:P, dejaquiero r clearly that there in the university only I am going to study, everything is something very discreet. Jajaja. The majority of men in the university have fantasies like that like your, estan warm and they imagine to have new experiences with men, but they do not dare, like to listen to your history ..:) siii, your. That these reading. I the truth always, I try to daydream. Up to the point of thinking that I am reading the thought to another person, and often if, being in the lounge of class, I look at someone, with desire and little by little it is begun to stop the penis, and I decide to go to the bath, surprise goes, when you realize that this man, who has you this way, also goes behind of you, but obviously nothing happens, but the alone desire to know that, this one to your side urinating and touching the flute, probably thinking about you, it is warm well, ahaha, I wait you find liked it, register, I wait for you.

whats important?

Feb 2nd @ 3:48pm EST

The important thing is that your moment here is the best moment of the day, or not of the day, a good moment, which is daily for you, as a vice:). The important thing is that all these ideas that you bring in the mind, it that you dreamed to do with another boy, you it make real here in my room. The important thing is that so much your as me, we take to the limit the imagination and do new and enterteining things, probably to converse in his moment. The important thing is that you try to be clear, and like that podras to receive exactly what you wish. The important thing is that your, you decide and you des your place in my heart, I will take charge achieving a space in yours. The important thing is that every day you wake up with desire of meeting and vendras here, because I surprise you. The important thing here, for my, you are your:).know, I like to count histories, which happen in my life, probably they are not great, but if I have many fantasies in my head, at some time, you have looked at the knob of your friend, since he is marked these when in the car? Mmmm to I pass, if you want mas, come and we speak it brings over of this.

The only and unrepeatable.

Feb 1st @ 6:49pm EST

Since you see, I like to write because this way I communicate mas with you, ojala it could do it every day; I like that estes informed about my life. I like to be going to the mountain to traverse it I do it to relax and to renew my energies, ahah to part of putting in form to put to come to connect for you;):P. In my profile and other blogs you can see and know her it, do not worry if these earring the conoceras!. Every day I worry myself for liking and to call you mas your attention, because of it it is that the categories that I choose, always it is succeeded for my. If I have a big yard one " monster cock ", for that this waiting ambriento for you, lol, also this year will try to show you my " my daily shower ", and will buy every day mas "jockstraps" to seduce yourself, haha, in other words u are part of my real live:p .I hope that you value, I like to dance for you, if you want you can read it in previous blogs, mmm good soon to be counting more it brings over of my, or if you want to speak a bit more come.

a fantasy.

Jan 26th @ 8:40pm EST

Is good when i talk about this topic, because my imagination flies. I think that all the persons we daydream, we like to dream, to imagine things, to such a point of believing them certain, this happens when we masturbate, but you have not put to think that this another person, also can be wishing you?..It is royal I think that it happens with many frequency in my room. While your these wishing me I am imagining you and imaginadome, which you do with my body and it makes me feel pleasure. It happens to you that often, these opposite someone and you feel attraction, but you cannot happen of there, and when you have the possibility of speaking with this person, realize that if it was royal, and both were thinking the same thing. Since you do not ignore to this feeling. Finally and already you know that if you want to speak mas about this topic, I wait for you in my chat, I like that when you come to my room, you try to imagine me making things beyond the common, probably the common thing, I dress in my, it is not so common;). We meet!

a normal day!!

Jan 26th @ 12:12am EST

A normal day, in my life. If you look at my profile, I go connected here from 2006 approximately, this one is my work and I love it, but I love to study and to prepare intellectually, if you want to know mas it brings over of my studies could to talk privately lol, continuing, also I tell you that me much likes to play sports, practise the swimming and the triathlon, me much likes to run; then like you counting now, a normal day in my life begins from in the morning that I go to the school then I play sports and here online, today for example it is my first day in the school, Of a semester many advanced mas, certainly already I am not a beginner, it lacks me little to finish my studies, there in the school also I am very prone to fantasizing, but always very reserved, one of my favorite fetishes there is to look at the bulges of my friends, mientras are sat in his desks, attending to the class and they are marked, mmmm have many fantasies in mind that podriamos to converse if you wish it, ah do not forget registarte in the page, and do part my friends, wait for you, shamar!!


Jan 25th @ 7:47pm EST

Hey hello. Hold, you can be interested, if you are new in my room. I say it because that probably for you, it is your first time seeing a man, and you came to my; do not worry!, relax, and let's enjoy, I think that it is very normal, that we identify with some men because of it, because they are the men that we idealize, hahah want arrogant sonar. But I also wanted to masturbate seeing a chicho with the big yard, guevos big, and healthy penis at sight, in addition when it puts on hard looks like a perfect copy of a monster cock.; To know that your these there sat speaking with me, doing another thing probably with your hands, is one of my major fetishes, but I like in my case to daydream with all the parts of the body, and to enjoy from the top of the foot., This way that if these confused, they see and hechemonos a powder, and we compare the diicks, I show you that I have so many things in mind with you. Returning to the topic, then it is here where, together privately we will do unforgettable things for the two.;)

make me to be your dream lover your fantasy lover

Jan 22nd @ 1:20am EST

When I listen to the music ... all the classes of the music ... fodder since I am the fantasy of the everybody ... I can do all his dreams they are realized .... my warm Colombian flow of juices when I hear an attractive song ... thinking in that sexual position I you pondria to you. To the attractive music like this this my lover of dream makes love me more, since he adores my body he pleases since I sound, my voice, he imagines my groans of pleasure when he inhales my body my lover of dream says to me since him dreams of since my big monster it it penetrates his senses when I try to fit all that inside him, he moans and moans SHAMAR deeper deeper bb he pleases when I move my attractive Colombian body against his ... he loves me ... he loves me ... he thinks about me the whole day and the night SHAMAR is written on his brain he sees my attractive Colombian face before the people he is surrounded for ... he loves every section, hahaha this one is the idea with the dance, To demas also of relaxing and doing to me that the moment here happens mas pleasant, but say me if one of the fantasies mas big is not to do the love dancing and sientiendo the fret of one with other one, good if you want to speak mas it brings over of this topic, enters my chat and we do it.

what do in show?

Jan 2nd @ 6:04pm EST

That I Do privately? It is the question, the possibility is big enough. Because we you and I, both with a very big imagination, privately I like to do the things that in general they do not do when we are in front of each one, there also be able to speak a bit about something that you want, and it will be between you and me, that if I say that you, my imagination is the giant there, and it is where really I am reflected in his fantasies, not to say that publicly, we cannot speak, certainly, but the beam that This is the entry to a gigantic mountain russa, but you live through this one does not count!! Ah you already have not made any more bla bla bla and this is a small idea of since big can be his spectacle, leave everything to his imagination, only you.! I wait you there,
I do not manage to say with words, never feel frustrated if you cannot be deprived by me, be this day it will come!! But while you can guard me in his list of favorites, and know, this way of step you make company to me daily and when this moment comes we will enjoy it, he remembers that the show is a video that we make specially for you, and podras leave it for your collection:), it stops to demolish your imagination and let's demolish together .


Dec 24th @ 8:19am EST

Merry Christmas to all. Christmas begins after the December 24 and
in Latin America the arrival of C. xxx, time to change and held back
born the new year. At this time I share with my family, friends and acquaintances,
  most of the time cometh connected.
  In my town at this time, placed lights with various concepts, entertained in different
city parks for people to go and visit. While we celebrate and take some booze.
One of my fethises at this time is to share with my friends, in different parties
Like that this Christmas as usual, I am your greatest gift, both physically, as a friend but that the rest of the year and next year we share many fantasies and unforgettable moments. I give the Bienvenidad the best site on the planet, Merry Christmas to all !!
ah, forget it, this time is itself mainly in Latin culture, but anywhere in the world, someone quiciera a change in your life, and receiving gifts, kiss and wish your best gift this Christmas is me. many nice things for everyone, including me :)


Dec 23rd @ 9:32am EST

Mountain: my city is the valley of the mountains, I mean I'm surrounded by mountains,
nature, fresh air, and I am faithful admirer of nature, I like that always stays
beautiful, updated and alive, so one day you from the sun more than water.
Today, like every day, after a night of work, and more work, I feel the need
to go there, to take the fresh air, while road and run to regularly exercise,
with many guys in my town with the same discipline.
Lucas My dog is always with me, the one who loads the water both in his military outfit.
I share one of my fetishes when I go to the mountain and is that while I
up, I like to observe sneaky guys that go trusses and are marked, no more than more than a fantasy, that stays in my head and tell us about Hand Jobs.
their noses. is well sexy, well I never get tired more with my stories if you want... And we are in January, and even the mountain forms a part of my diary, indeed that there I take anger, and I relax after disconnecting myself of here, in my profile you can see photos that I take there, I take some private roads, must hide in order that other persons do not see me with my jockstraps:) .
I wait in my room and tell you more privately.

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