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Cristiano Millan

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I like hard sex and dirty talk!
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what I like about myself

Feb 6th @ 5:18pm EST

a big hug for all my friends of F4F

Today I share with you talking about the thing that I like about myself. Well... for those who have been on my show, may come to think something very intimate, good, for those who know is big, but what I really like about myself are my abs.
Many will say that is not something you can to like himself, but for me it is, because I really had to force myself to have abs like these.
Since an early age, I saw other guys, they had those abs that gave me jealous, and I never really asked them, how to achieve them.

I knew I should exercise, much time in the gym, and have some proper food to be noticed and seen as I wanted, but I've always been shy and tried many options until I finally found what I did well and helped me achieve my goal my abs as I want .
I know there are much better abs, but I'm very happy with mine and also go well with the rest of my body.
Friends hope to see you all in my chat room so you can see my abs and give me your opinion of what I say in this blog.
For now I say goodbye...

if I won the lottery

Jan 24th @ 10:54pm EST

A friend asked me in days gone by, that I would do if I won the lottery.

Hello to all my friends of F4F.

Well it is a complicated answer for me, although I know I am a person that all my life I've known for being very good money manager, with little or with much money I've always known invest in good things, and I'm not of those who might have when I propose to spend much money on unnecessary things.

First of all I would like to think ahead, so the first thing I would do is invest buying houses or apartments for himself to resell or rent for that I can continue to live and to write the product of all of that to other people when necessary.

In case I am about money, I would do the second go to travel on a cruise, since many people who have done it tell me it's a unforgettable trip, for the very beautiful places which are known and the experience of going traveling on the seas and oceans on a big boat, where inside there besides casinos, games, fun and entertainment.
If you have more money, eventually buy things for me and my family, as dresses, clothes, car, and in order for things to please people.

I do not forget to leave some money to save, because as I said initially, I like to be very thrifty and not spend more.

My favorite holiday

Jan 1st @ 9:59pm EST

The first weekend of the year is coming to my country and with it comes the first holiday in my country. This is coincidence, since this festive usually occurs the second weekend of the year, but timing issues this time the first weekend happens.

In my country this weekend is called : "Three Kings Magicians" , as the name says is a religious holiday , which is used in my country for the opportunity to " fairs and festivals " in almost all villages of Colombia .

It is a holiday that marks the end of all the year -end holidays, so I consider it the most important holidays for me.

What I like to do on this holiday with my family is the most appropriate way is to leave the city to a nearby village and have lunch together, socialize , talk and be the most time with them.

So I take it this time this weekend (which is on Monday, so make it a weekend of three days) for my break and all those earrings I have in my personal life.

Well, now this is my new blog I wanted to share with you and hope to see you soon in my chat room to talk about the holidays that you like .

My next weekend!

Dec 25th @ 1:01pm EST

Hello friends visiting my blog, today is Christmas Day, and here I am sharing with you something of my life.

Today I want to tell you about what I will do next weekend. It's the last weekend of the year, so I found this topic interesting to talk about it today.

Today I have not decided whether to spend my last weekend of the year here in my home or go on a trip with my brother, his wife and my nephews. It's tempting to go travel with them as they have a nice and cozy country house with pool could be on all the time.

But on the other hand I also want to be here in my home spending time with my friends and obviously with you. I have a few more days to make a decision, and I hope you come to my room and help me make that decision.

It is interesting to be in city at this time, because as it is the capital of the country , most people go out and the city is relatively alone, which I like since I have more city for me. Although the weather is a bit rainy and cold, and in the country house of my brother is very hot.

I will meditate more to make the right decision, but I wanted to share with you these two options that I have to spend my last weekend of the year.

For now I leave friends ... take care !

My honeymoon with an unlimited budget

Dec 17th @ 11:00pm EST

This question is very complicated .... a honeymoon with unlimited budget is somewhat ideal for me , because in a honeymoon , I think we all want to do everything without limit and all the money is best.

Although there is something that has no limit and is to be with the couple you want to be on a honeymoon. If I have my perfect match, I think we should have fun with lots of money or little money.

If I had an unlimited budget best for me to go would be a honeymoon cruise. Cruises lately really are not too expensive plan and I think that you can do many things within the same site. They provide food, fun, entertainment, privacy, plans of many people or with only the couple , finally I think that would be my choice .

In addition, the cruise is not only be in the boat all the time, but we can bring many tourist sites, such as the Caribbean or the Atlantic Ocean. To me this would be very exciting considering that I have never left my country, so traveling outside, by the sea, with my partner and know foreign countries would be ideal.

For now I leave , hope to see you in my chat room to tell me more about a honeymoon you like.

Traits that desire in a significant other.

Dec 8th @ 9:39pm EST

Today I want to share with all of you , friends who know me , who've been in my chat room or have shared a show , traits I want in a significant other.

Many will say that I am a picky person, especially may come to think that I looks at the physical traits . But here I can tell you it is not.

Although I am a person who care me a lot in my physical, I like to look and feel good, but this is not a requirement in my significant other.

Currently I see many boys and girls with excellent physical condition but really what I like and desire is a person with great feelings such as loyalty, belief in love, wanting to share with me the good and the bad times too.

I will not say that I leave aside the physical completely, as it is important to see that a person takes care of itself, because it means to be responsible and self-disciplined , it is also important to me. A muscular or athletic body are very striking, with short hair, military style like me, are also very striking beautiful eyes in the facial traits .

Well I hope you liked my blog today and until next time friends ! .

my best month in Flirt4Free

Nov 1st @ 12:33am EDT

I'm excited to be on this page but I found good customers, good friends who like to talk with me and spend time and words to accompany me here.

This October just ended has been very successful for me and I hope that from here onwards continue to share with many more people in the world, and of course ..... having the time to follow me so far ..... Thanks to all (especially to PDLAD, MORTONN, CHECKMATE222, GIGI67 ... and many more)

Yo me siento muy alegre de saber que disfrutan de mi show y que a ustedes les gusta tener en sus pantallas (de celular o de computador) un soldado latino que como todo buen soldado le gusta el sexo, y todo el tiempo est caliente

I like to share my ideas and thoughts here and I hope you also do the same with me, send me an email or a short message to be always in touch.

Whatever you want from me , I hope you tell me to and i can be pleasing .... you know that I have " tool " appropriate to do so ... lol ... and this tool is for you each time you want to use as you wish

well , for now I say goodbye and I hope you liked my first blog

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