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Christofer Colin's Profile

Christofer Colin

Customers rated Christofer Colin 4 out of 5 based on 1 reviews

Follow my lead for the biggest pleasure

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Christofer Colin's Details

Caucasian / White
16cm (6in) Uncut
Last Online:
Mar 18, 2018
Eye Color:
Pubic Hair:
183cm (6ft 0in)
Hair Color:
Body Type:
Hair Length:
July 28th
82kg (181lbs)
Body Mods:
Gay Role:

Christofer Colin's Likes

Music is my biggest passion, I play the drums and a bit of guitar, I like a lot of music genres, since hip hop, salsa and latin music, to rock, metal and classical symphonic music. I like horror movies and I love the Marvel Cinematographic Universe (yeah I am kind of nerdy freaky). I barely watch tv but I love Game of Thrones. I like to hit the gym and my favorite bodypart to train are my legs and butt, yeah, I want you to compliment my big butt and my strong legs ;)

My Fantasies

I had been single for a long time, actually a couple of years, and, although I kept an active sexual life, things started to turn boring, nothing was really exciting, nothing was the same.There it was this guy in one of my classes in college, I have to recognize that he was handsome, kind of skinny, and really shy, I did not even know his name, but I could feel for sure, that he always kept an eye on me, at first, it was weird, but I never paid serious atttention to it, so I got used to it.The weeks kept passing by, and one regular weekend I went to this party in the apartment of one my friends, He knew almost everyone in the class, there it was a lot of people, and about at midnight, this guy arrived.I don't remember how, we ended talking, about college and videogames, just the kind of conversation any guy will have with another guy, but, he started to praise me, he started to talk about my body and how handsome I looked with my beard, quickly he begun to praise my legs and my butt "Your butt is so round and firm", damn, I felt weird, but deep inside I enjoyed it some much, my inner ego kept hearing all of his compliments and it just got my ego growing bigger and bigger, I didn't realize, this guy was actually flirting with me!, and he was gettin into my mind!The night was young, but I was a bit drunk already, I wanted to go home, but as I reached to my pocket I didn’t had my wallet: “fuck I screwd up”, I didn’t moved a lot that night, since I was talking to this guy almost the whole time, He was still there by my side, when he could notice I was worried and looking for my wallet near to my sit he asked me “everything is ok?”, “damn bro, I thing I dropped my wallet, or maybe I didn’t bring it with me, I don’t know”, I answered as I kept shaking my pants and my sweater, “damn how will I get home?” I said loud enough, “please don’t worry I gotta get home soon, I can get you near to your home”, I was drunk enough so I just threw a “thanks man, I’d appreciate it so much” and we left.As soon as I got home, he helped me to open the door, and entered with me, I just gave two steps into my house and he took my palm, “I want you to dominate me”, I was drunk, but I could hear it clear and it did echo into my mind, I couldn’t process it at first, but my dick started to grow by its own. I stayed still for about 10 seconds, and my mind woke up, and the only thing I could do was taking him by his neck and put him into his knees, “You’re mine now, and I’ll dominate you”, those were the last words he Heard from me as I took off my pants and push my hard dick into his mouth, surprisingly, He took all of my 6 inches deep inside, I could feel his soft and wet fagot mouth covering my whole dick, I felt the beggining of his throat and I started to thrust him rough and fast, I was fucking his fagot mouth, as He gagged and spit, it was hard for him to breath, I was choking him with my cock, but he kept taking it, deep into his throat, I grabbed him by his neck and pushed him against my cock, I held him, his mouth was so soft, I had the urge to cum, his eyes turned to me, he looked me still, and with his mouth full of cock, he told me “cum in my mouth”, and in that exact momento my dick exploted down into his throat, he rolled his eyes back as I filled his stomach with my warm, sticky cum, I released him, and he swallow the last drops of cum he had in his mouth. “Thank you master”, he told me, but there was something more I wanted to do, I just grabbed his neck, stood him, I took his pants down, as I reached a sit, and I bent him over my knees, I just said him “thank me for this” and I gave him the hardest spank he had ever felt, one by one, smack , smack , smack . I counted up to 30, and stopped for 10 seconds, he had tears in his eyes, “tha tha, thank you, ma master” he said with cutted voice due to the pleasurable extreme pain he was feeling, I looked at his bare butt for 5 seconds, and then: “you” smack “are” smack “my” smack “bitch “ smack “slave” smack “now!” smack smack smack smack smack , I reléase him and left him stand, “yes master, I am your slave now”, he said as he bowed in front of me, he put his pants on, and walked out of my home.That’s the story of how I discovered that my biggest fantasy was to dominate fagots and sissies like you, would you like to be my slave too?

Additional Info

I like to be dominant, but I am a very kind person, I am a bit introverted and I know what it feels to have no one that listen you and help you when you feel the pressure of life, so I like to listen to other people, learn form them, and also talk about feelings and life. I am dominant in bed, but very supportive in real life

My Fetishes

Discipline, Feet, Findom, Jerk off Instruction, Legs, Orgasm Control/Denial, Slaves, Spanking, Submission

Role-Playing Scenarios

Coach/Trainee, Dirty Talk, Master / Slave, Student/Teacher

Top Gifters

litronero10 (2), romiowp (1),

Christofer Colin's Awards

80 Hours Online in a Month
5 Shamrocks

My Recent Reviews

Post Review
March 10, 2018
smeegle1982 wrote:
This model is good on the eyes. Very sexy.He knows how to keep u entertained. He is worth coming back ...

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