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Adam Brocks

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The physicist attracts but enloquese elegance
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very excited !

Nov 16th @ 1:26pm EST

I want to tell you that I am only three days away from going to my next bodybuilding competition, so I want to invite you to leave a motivating message for me. Also, thank you all for the help you have given me in recent weeks, I will be a little sad because I will miss you this weekend, you make me a very happy boy.
Since I have my competition this weekend I will not be online, so remember to visit me today and tomorrow to send me many motivating messages, also make the most of the time because I do not want to leave a single cum in my body because I can not resist a weekend without having to do cum shows for you !!
Remember to follow me on twitter as @ ADAM_f4f, I am very happy because I am very close to the competition and I hope this weekend to miss them a lot because on Monday I want to be one hundred percent hot just for my cum show!!!

With very well wishs: ADAM

Why do I like to offer the best service?

Nov 10th @ 4:10pm EST

I like to offer the best service because to be the best model you must be very friendly, have the best milk and always find a way to satisfy all the guys. Have you ever wondered what is the difference between a model that can ask for 1000 credits and one that can ask only 400 credits. The model that asks 400 credits for your milk is a model that possibly is very tired to give you the best milk, the reason; Being a very low cost model all want your milk, then your milk will be very bad, you may not get your orgasm and among other things that increasingly speak worse of the quality of the show. Now looking at the subject of wanting to be kind, I can assure you will only be nice as long as you don't have your money, then you won't be.
To summarize my words: when you pay a high cost model you will have the best results for your satisfaction assured. Adam is a high cost model, but its results are guaranteed, proof of this you will be able to visit more than 200 videos available in your profile.

Adam wishes you a good weekend!

Does Adam prefer men or women?

Nov 8th @ 2:08pm EST

This question is very usual. I am really a bisexual guy, I have had experiences with men and women, in both experiences I have had annoyances.
For me it is important to discover the great taste I have towards men, after so many adventures in my shows I feel great attraction for men, especially I find great pleasure when the user puts his camera to show me his body, that makes me a lot hot, makes me feel orgasms, puts my cock much harder than expected. I remember a show where someone very sexy made me shoot a big stream of cum, that day my keyboard hurt ahahaha, my body was full of semen and I had the best orgasm in the world.
Now that I have spent so many days I discover that I feel more sexual pleasure when I see a penis, when someone shows me their ass, when someone tells me to do it for me, all that drives me crazy, men you are the most, never avoid having my pleasure because I am candela, I like to shoot all my semen for you after many minutes of being hot.
I like men very much.
Now that I have answered this question, I hope you are calmer because Adam will always have an excellent show for you, the hottest men in the world !!

Why is Adam changing their connection schedules ?

Nov 7th @ 2:22pm EST

Today I want to take to tell you the reason for meet me at times outside the usual, because in my profile are my connection times but sometimes home a few minutes later in even step more hours online.
Everyone knows that I am preparing for a competition fisicosulturismo, for me it is important to have the help of you, I like all the motivation that I find in you, why should I divide my time between my preparation and have the pleasure of being with you , sometimes take me much time to train and arrive on time for my room, even there are days in which I can not be with yours, reward I connect more hours to not miss the good company that I find in you.
I apologise if they have come to me in my regular schedule and I have not found online, those who have seen me in another out of the ordinary.
Remember that yours very important to me, kisses and hugs.
I hope yours understand the reason, thank you.

Why do I have new underwear?

Nov 6th @ 2:32pm EST

Hello guys, I have discovered that you love my surprises, for this reason I want to cause a lot of pleasure in you, the same that you cause in me when I am in a show, I am wearing new underwear, I hope it has been very pleasant for you, I have great variety of colors, for every occasion.
Remember guys that now have my vibrator to play delicious with yours, my desire is not only to be a great model, I want to be your best private porn actor, that your penis gets hard only to see me, of course I can also be a very affectionate model if it is what you like. Remember that I just want good company and be the best private porn actor.
Thank you very much for allowing me to have the best orgasms, I hope not to miss your orgasms, I hope my underwear you like a lot, I hope my vibrating toy is your pleasure.

A giant kiss !!

A greeting

Nov 4th @ 6:22pm EDT

It's been long time since my last publication. I want to tell you that I will be busy carrying out the final details of my preparation to compete. I always think of you because I am very happy to have you all, thanks to you I am fulfilling my dream of becoming model web cam, Pornstar and bodybuilder. I also want to tell them that I am serving three months at Flirt 4 Free, I am very happy to be here for you every day of life, I want you to know that I'm never going to leave, I'm happy my pleasure to deliver to you, every day is an adventure every morning I wake up wanting to shoot all my milk for you, I love to be naked and pleasure for you, to all thank you for making me so happy, let his happy days and remember that you can count on me because I'll always be a sincere model, although we know that money is important, I can not forget that you are human beings who deserve love and time, which is not only ask for gifts of credits for me, also I want to make them feel confident when in my room because it is u chico n sweet, warm and kind that you can always talk. Their tips are your decision, not me

THE secret

Oct 23rd @ 2:13pm EDT

Adam is a new model on the site, only two months ago started his transmissions, his shows are successful because they forgot the money to provide the best experiences for their users.
It is as well as I can be successful at my shows, I am willing to assist you with eager to give you the best of mi at every show, don't forget that you can send me an offer, I will always be ready for you.
Never ovlides that Adam is a different model.

This is my dream

Oct 13th @ 5:47pm EDT

Since I was very young I felt passion to show my naked body, I started to grow and I always felt that something was not right, so I started to explore my tastes at age 18, age in which you are legally self sufficient in Colombia, passed one more year and I began to discover that I wanted to be a sensual boy, I started to see pornography very often, there I discovered that I wanted to be a porn actor. That is how I get to Flirt and I am my dream come true.
Thank yours all for your support.

I am happy

Oct 11th @ 7:44pm EDT

I am happy because I have met many wonderful people in my room, happy because it is another month in Flirt.
I never thought this would change my life, I am now the happiest model in the world, I feel very happy stripping me for yours, I hope they continue to support me in my career as a model, never stop to give me a greeting, I like it a lot when they come to say hello .
A kiss, my loves !!

Adam is very relax !

Oct 5th @ 5:05pm EDT

Adam is a very quiet man, never inviting their users to take a private show, those who go to your private room do so by choice, only Adam wants to have good company and spend pleasant moments because he feels great passion to deliver to their users of room private and public.

Dare to know me...

My week

Sep 29th @ 4:10pm EDT

This week has been special, this week I have enjoyed much more of your accompaniment, thank you for making me so happy, thank you for letting me be the owner of your fantasies, by all these erotic adventures in my room, I hope to remain the owner of your wet adventures.
With much love, the hot Adam.

About the life of Adam.

Sep 27th @ 4:46pm EDT

Adam is a student, bodybuilder and also wants to be the star of Flirt. That's why he gets up every day 4:30 am to go to study, then he goes to the gym to do his training, his day lives in the company of the boys of Flirt, then goes to study for his exams.

With this publication I thank the users who see me every day, those who have me on their list of favorites and those who do not know me, a very special greeting and I hope to see them soon in my room.

Great kiss !!!!

This Sunday !

Sep 23rd @ 5:07pm EDT

Adam Brocks is willing to please all his followers in Flirt, that is why this Sunday will be broadcast for more than six hours, not to be missed.

I'm sad.

Sep 21st @ 5:16pm EDT

I`m sad because my dream is to be the best model, I require your help to fulfill it, in the last few days many guys whom I appreciate with great affection have stopped visiting me, I hope to see yours soon. Many kisses !
With much affection the sweet Adam.

Party in my room !

Sep 19th @ 4:28pm EDT

Soon, big party to celebrate with Adam Brocks. You can not miss!

A good start of week!

Sep 18th @ 11:59am EDT

I want to wish all a good start of week, having all prosperity in its activities, a giant kiss for all!
Very soon I will have a party in my room, you can't miss it, don't miss it!

That dislike Adam ?

Sep 14th @ 5:46pm EDT

Adam boys want to go to your private room and not say everything it dislikes doing. Because Adam does not want guys to lose their credits, please when you want to go with Adam to his private room, please tell him you want to go to your private room so that Adam be prepared before they are in private show.

Surprise !!

Sep 11th @ 7:04pm EDT

Beautiful day my love. Now Adam brings more surprises for users of your private room and publishes. Now Adam will be online for you at night times, these days are surprise, they are not scheduled in advance, Adam wants to give surprises to users and therefore their night connections are a surprise.

I´m happy !!

Sep 7th @ 2:49pm EDT

Thx for yours for visiting my room, i´m will the best model in the future !!

the inspiration of Adam...

Sep 5th @ 2:20pm EDT

Adam inspiration, I am worshipper of sexuality, inspired by pleasure, in RID, give all of my to fill of satisfaction to those who have the joy of being in misala, for those and many more reasons to pass it very hot today my loves and I hope to see you soon, a kiss.

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